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Sink Cover $75 free shipping

Portable Sink Extension

  1. To use the Portable Sink Expansion, sinks must have an opening of 11 X 7.8 inches or larger as seen in the diagram above.  



  • RV/Trailers
  • Boats
  • Business jets
  • Apartments with a small sink and tight space


The Seattle RV Show - The product was tested at the SEATTLE RV SHOW using most available major brands & models. This Portable Sink Extension easily fit the majority of the models.

  • Sink's Description

    Seamlessly expand the size and functionality of your sink with this product. Unlike traditional sink that restrict function, this product gives you the best of both words. Thanks to our unique patent. Increase your counter space and easy store the unit when you are not using it.  


    • Made: In the USA
    • Material: 0.125" Polystyrene
    • Dimensions: (see Diagram)
    • Weight: 0.9838 Lbs.
    • Color: White
  • Instructions

    Simply place the product on top of your sink with the long side towards you. Use your sink as you normally would. When finished, simply lift the product up to remove it. you may store the sink extension by hanging it on a hook, in your shower or store it elsewhere. See the video above  for a tutorial.  

  • Contact and Return Policy

    Returns are accepted. To receive a full refund, buyer must contact seller within three days after delivery and pay the shipping cost of return. To get in touch, please use the form by clicking the contact's Button below. We will respond within 48 business hours.




Excluding Sales Tax

Free shipping to USA main land

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