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Global Consulting LLC


Electrical/Avionic CONSULTING 

Global Consulting Aviation Group, founded in 2015 in Mukilteo Washington USA. Global Consulting provides expert technical, regulatory, and compliance services to clients around the world. The Global Consulting Aviation Group appointed Electrical / Avionic and Structure experts with years of experience at airplane and LRU levels from Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream and General Electric. Our certification teams are authorized for full approval of Aircraft Electrical and Avionic Systems’ per CFR 14 Part 25 (Transport Category Airplanes) and Part 23 (NORMAL, UTILITY, ACROBATIC, AND COMMUTER CATEGORY AIRPLANES).
Our consultants possess the skills and experience to lead and implement the Electrical Power and Avionic Systems’ Designs and develop a Certifiable Systems’ Architectures and Products.

Global Consulting's Partners at Work

Global Consulting's Partners at Work

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